Welcome to My Happy Leggings!

Leggings have become a classic staple to our clothing in the last decade or so. What do you look for when you consider a pair of leggings? Well, at my happy leggings we are sticklers for comfort first and high-quality fabric. Once we are sure of having that in place, we bring to you ideas from across the world in the form of print and color, moods and patterns - on a pair of leggings. We like to think of it as art for your legs, because why not! Fresh, original and free- spirited. Have you checked out our collection yet? If you have, then you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, you’re in for a visual treat.

Fun, playful prints and vivid colors (you won’t find em’ anywhere else!)

It's time to give your basic black leggings a long-overdue break. At happy leggings, we’ve got all your favorite thoughts and things covered. If you’ve ever thought of it, in all probability we’ve already made it.

Timeless, unique, vintage-inspired designs that flatter!

Your clothes are an extension, and an expression of your personality. Which is why every color, print and pattern on your clothing is symbolic and speaks volumes of who you are and what you represent. We echo this thought completely and our leggings have been designed for you to find your signature piece. A pair that celebrates you, speaks to you and also for you. Whether it is a night out with friends, a yoga class, or you’re just hanging out at home and lounging about your afternoon, whether you want to stand out or blend in - these leggings will become your most versatile go-to-option on any given day. If you love design, are an art enthusiast or simply like your clothes to have a fun playful style, we know we’ve got ourselves a lifetime customer.

Affordable, high-quality, versatile styles in a full range of sizes!

Our high-quality polyester/spandex leggings sit naturally to flatter any body shape and bounce back to form no matter what. They are durable and built to last through all seasons. So go ahead and stretch and jump and bend and play! We’ve sourced the finest microfiber yarn to give you a soft and effortless, just-right fit.

Sustainability and Responsibility at My Happy Leggings, from made-to-order production to a green, growth mindset!

Each product you see in our catalog is made on- demand, which means once you place the order, we start working to get it to you. It takes time for us to create and send out the product, but making each order on-demand allows us to avoid overproduction. This way we're all part of the sustainable fashion movement.

At my happy leggings, you are not just a customer

You are a member of a close-knit community, and we are committed to making our patrons feel special and give them utmost comfort, over and above all else. Among other community initiatives and endeavours, we collaborate with charitable organizations that advocate for women and animals. Representation and values are important to us to connect with our community and together we stand up for what we truly believe in. Come explore your personal style, browse through our gorgeous prints and find your happy leggings with us!